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almost 5 years ago

A new version of AMASE - You can now score your runs.

A new version of AMASE has just been uploaded which now allows you to score your runs. We have also included a second practice challenge featuring a growing fire boundary to provide you with a flavour of the sort of things to expect at the event. Head on over to APAN to download it and get started!

To clarify how the scoring works:

An analysis report and score will only be generated once an estimated fire area is sent back to AMASE to analyse. It is currently planned that score reports will be generated at 20, 40 and 60 mins into the scenario. Your control logic should produce a polygonal approximation of the firezone boundary for the required time and post the message to AMASE before that time. The score is based on the accuracy of the fire area prediction, with the earlier times weighted more heavily, and both over and under predictions yielding score deductions. To get a score report for your run in AMASE, simply click Analysis->Show Report.