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Post Hackathon Update

Well done!

Well done to everyone who took part in the hackathon. It was an incredible effort from all of you. We’ve got some really innovative solutions and I know Tim Murrell (Group Manager at Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service) is looking to take some of these ideas forward.

The Winners

Congratulations to Robusta. It was a team of four that met on the Friday that impressed our judges the most.  Robusta’s unique solution was to build a model of wildfire growth based on data from Californian wildfires. This would allow them to estimate the position to send their…

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It’s the last day to sign up, more Raspberry Pis and how to get to there on the day

Less than 6 hours!

Ticket registration is closing at 23:30 tonight (27th March). So if you haven’t registered (or a friend or colleague) hasn’t, do it now! If you don’t get a ticket by half 11 then you will be unable to attend the hackathon.


We’re giving away more Raspberry Pis

We’re going to be giving away Raspberry Pis to first 25 participants (with tickets) through the door on Friday. We’re opening the door at 17:30 so make sure you get there early.

Can’t get there early? Submit a solution to our Pre-Event Challenge to guarantee yourself a Raspberry…

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One week to go & 25 Raspberry Pis to give away


One Week to Go

There is one week to go until the hackathon starts. We’re getting excited. So we’re giving away 25 Raspberry Pis to the first participants that submit a solution to our Pre-Event Challenge.  The Pre-Event Challenge is contained in the most recent version of AMASE. The download can be found on APAN*.

*If you don’t have access to APAN, sign the license agreement and email it to 2019-fire-hack@dstl.gov.uk. This email is only monitored during office hours (Mon-Fri, 9-5). If you need AMASE outside of these hours, message Greg on slack.


Your Solution

Your solution…

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Challenge details, Raspberry Pis to give away & we're mentioned in the news!

Challenge summary document

With less than ten days to go we’re releasing some details about the challenges you’ll face over the weekend. Read the document on dropbox (link).

Early Prizes! 

We have 50 Raspberry Pis to give away, and later this week we’re going to reveal details on how you can get your hands on one.

Hint: It involves you having AMASE installed. So if you don’t have it installed, sign and send us the licence agreement and we’ll send a link to download it.

BBC Link

In case you missed this article over the weekend, our Firehack…

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Less than 2 weeks to go – Recent Wildfires, AMASE FAQs & Challenge Submission Process


Tickets are running out!

We’re running out of tickets! Most of our tickets have now been allocated so if you’re thinking about attending the event, please get a ticket at Eventbrite. This is a ticketed event, so you are required to have ticket to attend to the event.


Recent wildfires

The recent fires in Yorkshire are a timely reminder of the destructive nature of wildfires. Wildfires are an international problem and 2019 has already seen several serious fires in New Zealand, South Africa, Kenya, and even a ‘firenado’ in Australia. This hackathon is…

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Twitter, Working Overnight & Judges


We’re on twitter! Follow @2019FireHack for regular updates on the venue, challenges and top tips.

Working Overnight/Outside of the Event

For those wanting to work outside of the event, the Mountbatten Library, located next door, will be available 24 hours a day.

The Venue



Three judges are now confirmed as:

  • Tim Murrell a group manager with the Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service will be there to give an insight into firefighting and how drones help him and his team currently combat fires and how he foresees them helping in the future.
  • Lieutenant Commander Peter Whitehead is the…

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A new version of AMASE - You can now score your runs.

A new version of AMASE has just been uploaded which now allows you to score your runs. We have also included a second practice challenge featuring a growing fire boundary to provide you with a flavour of the sort of things to expect at the event. Head on over to APAN to download it and get started!


To clarify how the scoring works:

An analysis report and score will only be generated once an estimated fire area is sent back to AMASE to analyse. It is currently planned that score reports will be generated at 20, 40 and 60…

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Welcome to the 2019 Fire Hack!

Thank you for registering on Devpost!

This is an in-person event to be held at the ‘The Spark’ at Southampton Solent University Conference Centre. We’re limited on numbers so to secure your place at this unique event, please make sure you register on Eventbrite for your free ticket.

It’s time to get a grip with AMASE, the drone simulation environment that you’ll be using for the hackathon.  

  • To download the AMASE software you’ll need to sign the AMASE licence agreement. (Just don’t distribute the software to third parties. SmallPDF is a convenient way to sign PDFs online)
  • Email…

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