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almost 5 years ago

One week to go & 25 Raspberry Pis to give away


One Week to Go

There is one week to go until the hackathon starts. We’re getting excited. So we’re giving away 25 Raspberry Pis to the first participants that submit a solution to our Pre-Event Challenge.  The Pre-Event Challenge is contained in the most recent version of AMASE. The download can be found on APAN*.

*If you don’t have access to APAN, sign the license agreement and email it to This email is only monitored during office hours (Mon-Fri, 9-5). If you need AMASE outside of these hours, message Greg on slack.


Your Solution

Your solution doesn’t need to be perfect. Since this is a pre-event challenge we’ll accept simple solutions*. However after your initial submission, I’d encourage you to develop your solutions and make them more complex and robust. This will give you the best possible basis for the hackathon.

Once you have your solution, you’ll need to send us a copy of your run file. To create a run file click File->Save Data Output in AMASE after running your simulation. Upload your run file to our dropbox. Please include your name or team name, so we know who do give the Raspberry Pi/s to.

If you need any help with your solution please check out our AMASE FAQs (A new version has been released) or our Getting Started Guide, or send us a question on Slack or by email.

*A reasonable attempt must be made to map the fire to win a raspberry pi. We (Dstl) reserve the right to decide what a reasonable attempt is.


Raspberry Pis

We’re giving away 25 Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+s. To be eligible for one, you’ll need to participate in the hackathon as you will need to collect the Raspberry Pis in person.

You only need to send one solution per team. If eligible every member your team (as registered on Eventbrite) will receive a Raspberry Pi*.

*If there aren’t enough Raspberry Pis available for every team member. The Raspberry Pis remaining will be given to the team. It is the team’s decision how to distribute the Raspberry Pis.


Good luck with your solutions