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almost 4 years ago

Less than 2 weeks to go – Recent Wildfires, AMASE FAQs & Challenge Submission Process


Tickets are running out!

We’re running out of tickets! Most of our tickets have now been allocated so if you’re thinking about attending the event, please get a ticket at Eventbrite. This is a ticketed event, so you are required to have ticket to attend to the event.


Recent wildfires

The recent fires in Yorkshire are a timely reminder of the destructive nature of wildfires. Wildfires are an international problem and 2019 has already seen several serious fires in New Zealand, South Africa, Kenya, and even a ‘firenado’ in Australia. This hackathon is an opportunity to help firefighters find and fight wildfires.


Getting stuck with AMASE?

We’ve released a FAQ for AMASE. It should hopefully answer any questions you have about AMASE. If your questions aren’t answered by our Getting Started Guide or by our FAQs please do get in contact by either Slack or by email.


Don’t get left behind!

It’s important that you familiarise yourself with AMASE before the hackathon. We’ve got three mini* challenges to ease yourself into AMASE. We’ve already seen solutions from some participants so don’t get left behind, download AMASE today. Complete the license agreement, email it to and we’ll send you a link to download AMASE. (The AMASE download is hosted on APAN so you’ll need to create an account on APAN to download the software)


Submission Process

Once you’ve completed challenge zero, you can optionally submit it to us for verification. You can email it us directly or upload the solution to dropbox. When you upload the files to dropbox, please ignore the labels and include:

  • First Name:     Full name or Team name
  • Second Name: Version Number
  • Email Address: Anything (We are unable to see this field and it isn’t used)

The files to include:

  • A save of your data output as an .xml file labelled as ‘data output’. To do this click File->Save Data Output in AMASE after running your simulation.