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over 4 years ago

Post Hackathon Update

Well done!

Well done to everyone who took part in the hackathon. It was an incredible effort from all of you. We’ve got some really innovative solutions and I know Tim Murrell (Group Manager at Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service) is looking to take some of these ideas forward.

The Winners

Congratulations to Robusta. It was a team of four that met on the Friday that impressed our judges the most.  Robusta’s unique solution was to build a model of wildfire growth based on data from Californian wildfires. This would allow them to estimate the position to send their drones. They would then compare the detections from their drones with the predicted fire boundary from their model. If the model and the fire boundary detections were in agreement then the drones weren’t adding value, and could be re-tasked for a different priority.

Photos and Videos

The photos from the event are available on dropbox here. We’re updating the dropbox folder with more photos or videos in future and possibly moving its location but we’ll keep you updated on that. All images/videos are copyright Dstl.

Sharing of Ideas and Code

Most teams at the event were happy to share their ideas/code from the event. We’re still processing this but we will look to share this with you in the near future. If you’ve already put your code onto github please send me a link to it at or on slack (whatever is easier for you).